Grandparent of the Year Awards

Nominations for the Grandparent of the Year Awards 2015 have now closed. 

These awards were announced and presented by the Hon John Ajaka MLC, Minister for Ageing, at the Norton Street Italian Festa on Grandparents Day 2015.

Find out all about our 2015 Grandparent of the Year Award winners


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Grandparents play vital roles in our society, both as custodians of individual and cultural memories and providers of care, love and guidance to their children and grandchildren.

The NSW Grandparent of the Year awards provide an opportunity for members of the community to nominate an exceptional grandparent for one of three awards.

 The Grandparent of the Year awards are judged by a committee made up of Grandparents Day Ambassadors, The Minister for Ageing, and Minister for Disability Services and past winners.


Award Categories 2015

  • Grandparent Carer of the Year
    Awarded to an outstanding grandparent who is also the full-time carer of their grandchild/ren
  • Community Grandparent of the Year
    Awarded to a grandparent who is actively engaged in volunteer work in their community.
    This volunteering could include giving their time to assist at the local sports club, volunteering at a community group that focuses on children, taking an active role in local councils, helping out at the school canteen, or any other voluntary work.
    This award wishes to recognise any grandparent who has dedicated themselves to helping their local community and has volunteered their time to do this.
  • Grand Friend of the Year
    Awarded to an individual aged 50 years or over who has made a positive contribution to children’s lives in a professional capacity.
    This could apply to anyone who works with children, from a teacher to a doctor, a coach to a children’s entertainer.
    This award wishes to recognise a person who has made a special impact on the lives of children through their work. Nominees for this category do not need to be grandparents to be eligible for the award.

Terms and Conditions

• Nominees must live in NSW

• Nominees may be a grandparent, or an individual aged 50 years or over who is involved in inter-generational knowledge sharing or in inter-generational care.

• Sitting state and federal politicians are not eligible

• Unsuccessful nominees may be re-nominated in subsequent years

• Couples are eligible for nomination and the nomination should refer to both nominees’ contributions

• No weight is given to the number of times a person is nominated

• Grandparents Day Ambassadors cannot be nominated.


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